AboutProviding consultancy driven services across IT security and regulatory compliance.

IT Security and compliance has evolved.

Metasure UK Ltd provides best of breed enterprise security and regulatory compliance related services to companies across Europe.

Historically best of breed IT security and regulatory compliance solutions have required high levels of capital expenditure and significant internal investment to deploy and be managed successfully in organisations. Metasure takes care of this issue by delivering industry leading Security and Regulatory Compliance solutions in a flexible, pay as you go service model utilsing our Saas and Managed Service delivery mechanisms.

Utilising this model Metasure can assist organisations to meet the requirements of risk assurance, business liability and asset protection when and where they need it. Not only does this provide a cost effective, flexible model, but the Metasure service also provides the best ongoing protection against IT security threat and regulatory change by providing a constantly evolving bespoke package to your business needs.

We believe that your business challenges are not static and this should be reflected in your chosen risk management solution.

The IT security and compliance landscape is constantly evolving so please check back regularly as we continue to update our products and services.

Why Choose Metasure?

  • Best of breed solutions with full flexibility
  • Advice and guidance from highly experienced consultants
  • Managed service delivery and comprehensive support
  • Cost effective solutions for your business
  • Solutions available on demand
  • Metasure enables your organisation to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of Selective IT Security Out-Tasking.read more

  • We reduce cost and complexity whilst increasing the benefits of true third-party service validation across mission critical infrastructure.read more


  • "Metasure provides us with a virtualised project office team and reporting solution to assist us manage our ongoing compliance issues. We benefit from their quick, professional approach across the various technology, process and legal issues we have encountered and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any business with industry specific issues."

    IT Director, Licensed Gambling Operator

    "We initially used Metasure to assist us gain compliance on our web based business unit but this scope quickly increased to all systems once they demonstrated a balanced, practical understanding of technology and compliance that was not evident amongst our existing suppliers. Their professional advice service is easy to access and we have made numerous cost and time savings by leveraging their considerable PCI DSS experience."

    Compliance Programme Manager, Utilities PLC

  • "Metasure provides us with a range of easily accessible IT security, risk and compliance services across our multi site operation. From point solution professional services to complex managed service compliance projects, over 3 years we've built an ongoing positive relationship due to their ability to deliver tangible business benefits in a responsive and accurate fashion."

    Project Manager, UK Hotel Group

    "Metasure provides us with practical security and integrity assessments to protect our key business assets; namely our people and our IP. Previously we relied upon technology assessments to dictate our risk strategy however via Metasure's (ingenious) use of up to date information gathering techniques; we now have the tools to educate the business and mitigate data loss threats accordingly."

    IT Director, Pharmaceutical Company

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