Our Partners

We have built strong, lasting relationships with preferred vendors and suppliers, giving us the ability to deliver and support best-of-breed solutions for our clients.

Our partners add value by integrating advanced technologies with leading-edge professional service delivery mechanisms to provide simple technology solutions to complex business problems – using the Metasure service promise: Always delivered on-time and to meet or exceed the agreed business objectives.

Metasure undertakes vigorous partner selection to ensure that our solutions have the right mix of client focus and client centric support to ensure your business stays abreast of an ever changing landscape.

RandomStorm is a leading UK based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of proactive security management solutions. Designed for all types of business our simple to use online service and embedded security appliances enable organisations to maintain a high level security posture in line with corporate risk and policy compliance without the need for major infrastructure investment or specialist skills.

Random Storm is a PCI DSS ASV (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard; Accredited Scan Vendor; Certification Number 4240-01-02) and Qualified Security Assessor (PCI DSS QSA).

Metasure has partnered with Rackspace® Hosting to provide you with fully managed, PCI compliant hosting solutions designed for scalability, 100% network uptime guarantee, and live 24x7x365 award-winning Fanatical Support®.

We highly recommend Rackspace to our clients because they hold the highest standards in service excellence and therefore are able to ensure that mission-critical applications will remain up and running in a secure environment.

Rackspace is a Level 1 Service Provider under the PCI scheme.

Metasure provides a range of bespoke, 24/7, managed DDoS mitigation solutions utilising Rio-Rey's leading appliance based technology.

RioRey's innovative protection architecture, which features Micro Behavior Analysis (MBA) drops attack traffic at the edge of the network, delivering line rate filtering to the entire infrastructure downstream. Because RioRey algorithms recognize good traffic and allow it to flow unimpeded, network communication is not compromised.

The RioRey™ DDoS Appliance is installed in front of the LAN and is dedicated to DDoS mitigation. It delivers high throughput, with line rate filtering to the entire network. The appliance filters out DDoS, preserving good data to the network. Placed in-line, in front of the router our technology relieves congestion during a DDoS attack, maintaining network performance.

With the RioRey™ solution there is no need to update thousands of "null route" tables and clean up after an attack. The appliance requires NO manual intervention such as updating access lists during and after an attack. Without the extra DDoS packets flooding the network the Firewall and IPS, can now devote all resources to their normal functions which are to monitor and filter traditional attacks, that often attempt to penetrate under the cover of a DDoS.

Alertsec is the European frontrunner in offering hard disk encryption as a fully managed service. Alertec provide protection for all information stored on laptops and PCs in an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way.

By using industry leading Check Point Full Disk Encryption (former Pointsec) software, Alertsec has created a web based encryption service that radically simplifies deployment and management of PC encryption.

Alertsec Xpress is used in all organisations that have recognized the need to protect their information. Customers range from single-user sole traders and consultants to large multinational companies with offices around the globe.

Our securely managed 24/7 helpdesk provides a truly cost efficient solution.

Alertsec, a spin-off of Pointsec, has strong financial backing, long experience from encryption software, and a security conscious organization.

Trusted by major global enterprises, Swivel is a proven, flexible token-less authentication platform that’s helping millions of people work more efficiently, and enhancing network security. Whatever security challenges you face, the Swivel solution enables you to seamlessly customise an appropriate solution to meet your needs.

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