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Metasure enables your organisation to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of Selective IT Security Out-Tasking. Leveraging SaaS expertise and onsite professional service expertise, Metasure delivers security, performance and an unrivalled level or risk mitigation across your entire operation.

Through the delivery of non-intrusive turnkey solutions, Metasure provides best of breed solutions across all facets of the IT security and Regulatory Compliance landscape.

Metasure reduces cost and complexity whilst increasing the benefits of true third-party service validation across mission critical infrastructure. Our team of experts provides you with bespoke advice and guidance and ongoing risk assessment on the availability of your infrastructure, diagnosing and reporting on potential security and regulatory compliance issues before they can impact your business using our best of breed partner solutions.

IT Security Out-Tasking

Historically, best of breed IT security solutions have required high levels of capital expenditure and significant internal investment to deploy and be managed successfully in organisations.

Metasure takes care of this issue by delivering industry leading IT Security and IT Regulatory Compliance solutions in flexible, cost effective managed service model utilising key elements from our Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Applications Provision and Professional Services portfolio.

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Managed Regulatory Compliance

Balancing core business activities against regulatory requirements is a difficult task for the modern technology compliance management professional.

Most regulatory compliance standards are constantly evolving which leads to an on-going process of certification catch up. Tying up valuable resources, this can often divert much needed attention from the revenue generating core business activities.

Metasure assists you to meet the compliance needs of your business by leveraging our Consultants' experience of delivering successful regulatory compliance across PCI DSS, SOX, ISO27001, Co-Co and HIPPA standards.

In addition to our regulatory compliance expertise we also bring industry specific experience which allows our clients to avoid any recurring pitfalls and provide a real world, workable solution.

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Technology Risk Management

As technology facilitates new ways of collaborating in Business, it is now a mission critical requirement for organizations to mitigate risks originating from the use of technology/technology based process.

At Metasure we know that well-aligned processes, policies and technologies can reduce the cost and complexity of risk and compliance management however this needs to be aligned with the long term business objectives of the client.

Services Include:

  • Risk Readiness Reviews
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
  • and more...

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PCI DSS Managed Service

Metasure provides a specific PCI DSS managed service aimed at facilitating compliance in businesses with difficult, complex or high profile in-scope infrastructure and process elements.

Although other compliance schemes have various penalties for none compliance, PCI DSS poses a specific challenge to a number of industry segments as non-compliance or a PCI breach can cause a company to lose the ability to take credit card payments due to a revocation of merchant status.

Services Include:

  • PCI Gap Analysis
  • CDE Risk Evaluation
  • Technology Security Architecture
  • PCI Process Generation
  • and more...

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Authentication, Encryption and Data Loss Prevention.

Metasure provides a number of managed and co-managed solutions to assist organisations achieve the appropriate level of security for their people and their IP assets.

Metasure delivers a bespoke solution that meets the needs of todays users, especially modern partner collaborators, or remote executives users who require secured access to privileged information assets on a range of devices on and offline, both in and out of business hours.

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Compliant Business Process Outsourcing

For many businesses with regulatory compliance responsibilities, ensuring systems and process meet minimum required compliance is virtually impossible due to legacy systems, distributed site geography, supply chain interface and remote accessibility requirements.

Traditional hosting and Internet Service Providers partners are ill-equipped to respond to these issue due to their reliance on shared systems architecture to deliver cost effective services.

Metasure has built partnerships with best of breed compliant technology hosting and business process outsourcing systems providers to provide your business with access to compliant hosting and cloud collaboration platforms which reduce scope, reduce complexity and reduce risk.

Sample Projects Include:

  • Managed Compliant Virtual Fax Platform
  • Bio-Pharma Licensing Collaboration Platform
  • Secure PCI DSS compliant hosting for Encrypted Email
  • Secure web access document viewer for collaboration materials

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Applied Risk Evaluation

As the business paradigm has changed with the advent of online sales, online collaboration, social & business media, BYOD, remote working etc. these conventional methods of protection need augmenting to meet the risk posed by today's breed of highly sophisticated cyber criminal who also use physical and social vectors to achieve targeted attacks.

Metasure uses elements from over 50 documented incidences of Information Security Events to build a real world, bespoke simulation that can be delivered in conjunction with our traditional IT security services, or as an addition to your existing security testing procedure.

Going beyond the standard testing of technology, we'll provide you with a bespoke multi-vectored threat analysis. Using up to date methods employed in successful attacks to benchmark your own company's security, we will deliver a powerful educational tool to drive organisational risk reduction.

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